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Attire Online has been established to cater for men’s and women’s clothing for business and smart casual wear. We aim to deliver value for money prices. Delivery is FREE for each and every customer purchase within Australia.

To quote an old advertising slogan “let your fingers do the walking” buying online will only get easier and very convenient. If you live in the country regions of Australia you would have to admit that online buying is way more comprehensive and convenient than the old days of buying from a catalogue.

Buy Business Shirts Online

We offer a strong range of branded men’s business shirts and women’s business shirts. Within the brands of Van Heusen and Gloweave there are like fabrics that cross both men’s and women’s shirts. This allows companies looking for a corporate image to cover both genders from a large selection of colours and patterns.

Additional men’s shirt brands are Calvin Klein, Brooksfield and Ganton which deliver fashion and high quality.

Within the Van Heusen shirt and Ganton shirt range there is a choice of variable sleeve lengths from 82cm to 95cm in length. Big men’s shirts from Gloweave and Van Heusen are catered for with shirt sizes such as 48cm to 60cm neck. For those hot days we offer men’s and women’s short sleeve shirts.

Buy Smart Casual Shirts

In today’s world men’s business wear is often acceptable without a tie, this means the shirt takes the hero position. Bolder patterns and more interesting print designs in shirts have blurred the line between business shirts and casual shirts. This blending of the two categories result in what is termed as Smart Casual.

As more and more women take up corporate positions there is a greater demand for business attire. Therefore, a business / smart casual shirt for women from our renowned shirt brands set the tone for style and fabric choice.

Buy Men's Suits and Women's Suits

For men you will find slim fit suits by Pierre Cardin, from Van Heusen, Classic Fit and Euro Fit suits. For women’s suits Gloweave and Van Heusen come with a choice of skirt or pant with matching jacket. Large sizes up to 28 are also catered for.

Buy Men's Trousers

Our selection of trousers is enhanced with Bracks a long-time brand specialising in men's pants. Featuring plain or pleated pants some with extra comfort stretch waists in wool blends and washable polyester trousers. Cotton chinos too for those more casual times.


When calling our number 1300 828 488 or sending an email you will find a friendly response and most of all, people who have product knowledge to answer your query.

A background snapshot of our famous brands.

Bracks established In Sydney in 1957 by a Lebanese family with the name Bracks (no relation to Premier Steve Bracks) After two generations of family ownership the brand sits now
under the PVH Brands Australia group.

Brooksfield established in Melbourne in 1999 the brand was accepted into Myer stores and has expanded as a fashion desirable brand across Australia.

Calvin Klein established in New York in 1968, now a global fashion brand. In 2002 the Calvin Klein was purchased by Phillips Van Heusen Corp (PVH)

Ganton established in Sydney in 1974 a family business founded by Alan Marmot and continues with son Justin. Well supported by David Jones and better end menswear outlets.

Gloweave established in 1944 and well know for its factory in Smith St Fitzroy Melbourne since 1968. Gloweave has been at the heart of shirt making. Today a volume seller of men’s
and women’s shirts.

Pierre Cardin established his fashion house in 1950 in Paris France. Today a global brand not just in clothing. At age 96 Pierre Cardin still owns his label.

Van Heusen established in 1919 by the coming together of Moses Phillips and John Manning.

Van Heusen in New York USA. Another Global brand known today as PVH. Indeed, a truly giant company with many other world- famous brands acquired and now under one stable.


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